"...Well, I'm Really Good..."

While visiting a local art fair in my community, I stopped by a booth that had gorgeous examples of macro photography, enlarged.  I had my camera with me (Oly OM-D E-M5 w/Panasonic 25mm, lens hood attached), but not taking pictures of artists work, except with permission... I'm cool like that.  The photographer was seated at the back of his booth and I commented on how beautiful his work was.  His very first response to me was, "Well, I'm really good".  I glanced at a posted sheet of his many awards, credits and accomplishments and responded, "It's obvious you are"

I continued to look around, because, as I mentioned, his work was great.  He then questioned me about how unusual my lens hood was (it's not).  He then asked me about my camera and before I could finish the words "Olympus micro..." (as in "micro four thirds") his face tightened up.  He asked if it had a view finder, not an unusual question (it does).  I even let him look through it.  Then I commented on the depth of field of one of his photos and his immediate response was, "I use lenses that are probably way more expensive than 'that' one.", referring to my Panasonic 25mm (50mm, 35mm equivalent).  Again, I glanced at his many awards, credits and accomplishments.  I'm sure he's right.

I thanked him for his time and proceeded on.  Confrontation is unnecessary when you know better.  Take a look at a couple of Scott Bourne's (a digital media pioneer and internationally-recognized photographer, that has been involved in photography for more than three decades) posts;

  1. Re: his switch (sold ALL his DSLR gear) to the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) format and what MFT needs to do, to become dominant in photography.
  2. His long term review of the Olympus OM-D and more opinions of MFT

I like to think I'm in the camp of support and sharing knowledge.  Sure, when I post photographs, I hope the sharing leads to enjoyment, praise/criticism, direction, followers, etc.  However, I don't see the benefit, for anyone, being aloof because you're "really good" or have expensive stuff.  Besides, I've seen some pretty great pictures come from mobile phones and some crap-ass-shit from a pile of expensive gear.